The former Candiani house on the corner of Via Bandello and Via Vico, currently the subject of a conservative renovation project, is the last vestige of what was once the terracotta village, an important page in the productive history of Milan in the 19th century century.

After twenty years of neglect and decay, Palazzo Bandello will take shape as a conservative restoration project where the nineteenth-century elements – internally wooden beams, exposed brick walls, vaults, and externally large windows embellished with terracotta frames and characteristic elements arco – will be enhanced from a contemporary living perspective.

The spaces of the housing complex are not common due to the great heights and cuts that on the upper floors provide two-room and three-room apartments between 45 and 70 square meters, while demand will then compose larger sizes on the floors below.

In line with what has already happened in other Candiani buildings, on the ground floor the rooms denoted by the high vaults will open up to creativity in a mix of design, now the protagonist of via Bandello, fashion and food experience.