Forrest in Town


Forrest in Town, the first residential village in Milan, reverses the contemporary trend towards verticality in favor of a horizontal development in a succession of private spaces, internal and external, and sharing spaces such as the large green lung of about 6000 square meters at its inside, a real luxuriant oasis protagonist of the project, characterized by a wide botanical variety.
Here all the buildings face, which do not exceed three floors above ground and which offer different housing solutions for a total of 10,000 square meters.
The structures are built following the criteria of green building and energy containment, for a green and ecological footprint. The keywords are clean energy and sustainability which translate into maximum efficiency in terms of energy consumption, low maintenance costs, drastic reduction of sound pollution, confined to underground technical rooms, and reuse of well water for green areas.
A complete residential complex designed to meet all the needs of residents indoors, with large spaces dedicated to food production and sports activities, all located below the park.
Right here will also be located the soil-less cultivation area – which takes place in protected and controlled environments – a 100 square meter room where baby leaf and vegetables will be produced for the exclusive use of condominiums. A futuristic scenario that, making use of highly specialized know-how, will make it possible to have fresh vegetables grown cyclically with a very low environmental impact, without the use of pesticides and with a greater nutritional intake.

Project Area / Commercial
12.500 sqm

Energy class

Forrest in Town SpA