Washington Building

Milan, 2016 - ongoing

The intervention consists of the restructuring with partial demolition and reconstruction of the former production plant “Officine Fratelli Borletti”, a historic Milanese company and a true landmark remindful of the city’s manufacturing past. The original industrial complex, built between 1912 and 1916, is composed of a main eclectic-style core overlooking Piazza Irnerio, to which were added, up until the 1950s, accessory volumes in a rationalist style. The intervention proposes the emptying of the site with maintenance of the facades of greater architectural value and the redistribution of the volume in the curtain, going to restore the alignment with the adjacent buildings. The result is a volumetric “C” system composed of 5 above-ground levels in alignment on the road with two further backward crowning planes. The typological structure allows the creation of a large internal courtyard. The volumes in addition are characterized by a rationalist facade, whose compositional form is in continuity with the geometries of the brick facades of the original historical body, which are maintained. The stone cladding underlines the desire to create a material bond with the building overlooking the Via Gessi, renovated by the architect Marco Zanuso, also part of the former Fratelli Borletti industrial site. The resulting architecture is a compositional mediation between the pre-existing strong industrial imprint and the immediate context characterized by a clear residential character. The system includes a main pedestrian entrance from Via Cecchi and a secondary entrance from Via Costanza, where the driveway entrance is also present. The complex has three underground floors, used as a garage, technical rooms and cellars. On the ground floor, in addition to the residential spaces, a series of additional housing services are provided: gym, SPA, local delivery and a lounge area available to the condominiums.

The project includes about one hundred housing units with a wide variety of types: compact two-room apartments, apartments of various sizes, large penthouses with terraces and urban villas with private patios.

Project Area / Commercial
9685mq / 13480mq

Energy class

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