Il Chiostro

Milan, 2016

Residenze il Chiostro is the construction of a residential complex, in via Gian Battista Vivo in Milan, replacing the existing buildings with the maintenance of the curtains on the road affected by the Bond by the Superintendence for Environmental and Landscape Heritage. In relation to this, the project involves the emptying of the internal volumes and the consolidation of the building curtains on the perimeter of the block. The proposed typological structure integrates in a wide-ranging compositional synthesis a closed court with a low wing on the side of via degli Olivetani, only two levels above ground, resolved with a residential settlement in line of 5 terraced villas with spaces private patio greens, and a C-shaped building with several floors above ground which has 28 residential units.

Project Area / Commercial
4.582,73 mq/ 5.482,42 mq

Energy class

Vico Olivetani Immobiliare