San Lorenzo

Milano, 2018

An attic that develops on three levels, seventh and eighth plus the external cover, with a total restructuring action that has led to a new redistribution of the internal spaces.

The internal staircase was demolished in order to rebuild it ex novo and the people lift of the two internal floors was restored, while the use of the rooms was reversed.

The sleeping area is now to the lower larger floor, from which four bathrooms and three bedrooms were obtained with respective walk-in closets, plus a laundry room, while on the eighth floor there is the living area, consisting of a large living room, studio, dining room, kitchen and a small courtesy bathroom on the floor. The project stands out for the research of the materials used – Canaletto walnut wood, natural iron and Avola stone – the architectural solutions adopted and the interior design.

The protagonist of the project is the new staircase that internally joins the floors, a scenographic element that communicates with the interiors and illuminated from above thanks to the large skylight. The staircase is completely made of iron, assembled in the workshop and treated on site, a continuous “metal tape”, with a thigh reduced by only 3 cm in height, supported by full-height metal boxes. All covered in Avola stone. All internal furnishings have been custom-designed by expert craftsmen, maintaining the fil rouge of the materials used for the renovation. Going up to last floor there is a “green roof” which concerns a portion of the terrace with a green lawn area and different types of plants in the perimeter planters, which masks the view from the neighboring buildings. The second area, paved in wood, is oriented towards the Archaeological Park below.

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