Ponte Vetero

2016, Milan

The Pontevetero residential complex is a newly built building that experiments with contemporary housing typologies according to an organic overall vision, from the foundations to the furnishing details, all in compliance with the genius loci. First example of a “horizontal condominium”, the project was developed as a synthesis of three main points: context, technology, greenery. Located in the historic and artistic city center, Brera, the project was born in strict compliance with the volumetric constraints and urban quality of the historical context, thus offering an exemplary result of residential construction conceived on a human scale, in the heart of the city.

The two pre-existing buildings, recovered from war ruins have been refurbished following different criteria to enhance the already existing as in the case of the building with niches which has been completely rebuilt, raised by one floor and finally found a tenant for the niche on the second floor: a statue perhaps of Athena; on the ground floor, however, the beautiful liberty style wrought iron frame has been repositioned. The right side of the new

complex is, on the other hand, a completely modern terraced building with wooden shutters that mask and divide the facade into three vertical bands.

Pontevetero was conceived in the name of sustainability, adopting the most advanced plant and construction technologies in the name of clean energy and energy saving as in the air conditioning system (which is based on a system of geothermal wells allows you to heat and cool all the environments using the natural temperature of the aquifers) or in the reuse of well water for green areas.

The internal spaces are outlined in an alternation of greenery and terraces with a skilful composition of volumes, which degrade in height, where the greenery is an integral part of the building both in the small entrance park and in the private areas. The fine finishes of the building interpret materials, lights and colors of the Milanese urban environment in a contemporary key. In the apartments, characterized by fine finishes, the most advanced technological and plant solutions integrate with the elegance of the colors and textures of stone surfaces and precious woods: from devices for the control and containment of consumption and the reduction of fields magnetic, up to the signaling systems connected directly to the concierge, everything is expertly designed and built to ensure maximum bio-domestic comfort.

Energy class

DEFI s.r.l.